Joining the Staff

People interested in joining the team of Noticias, need to obey these next rules: You need to considerate that the purpose of the chat is inform and clear doubts respect the news of xat to the users. Giving them safe and concrete information. Is necessary that the chat staff have certain knowledge and know how to explain things to people referring a chat room and You’ll need to obey these:
Do not beg for rank, it must be earned.
Do not think that the chat staff are not checking on you. We always looking to people who are trying to get involved and helping other users in the chat. Asking for rank just would make things slow for you.
Be active in the chat.
Answer when a user ask for something, bring concrete and real information about xat and talk with other users.
Obey the rules.
If your intention is being a part of the chat team, is necessary that you know and DO NOT broke the rules of the chat. This also includes having a good attitude in front of the chat team and users.
Help people to obey the rules.
A good way of helping and improving the chat, is making that users that came into the chat room obey the simple rules. It doesn’t matter if you’re not Mod, you can tell them the rules in a nice way, Please, thank you, etc…
Do not only help when there's a Main Owner online.
Your help is always welcome here. You need to help, it doesn’t matter if there’s or there’s not a main owner online, they can be invisible watching you work.
Be patience when you help.
You need to be patience when you’re helping someone, people are different and they do not always get the information right. The goal is making the user leave our chat happy and informed. You need to always have a good attitude and show knowledge.
Your language doesn't matter.
It doesn’t matter that you don’t know Spanish, even if the chat is in Spanish, you can be in our team, always when you use the xat translator and obey these rules.
And last but not least…Have a good time in our chat! If you follow each and every one of these indications, you can be a part of our team, you only need to wait for the right time. We assure you that your help would be compensated. ⇒ You can also read: Enlaces de apoyo