Like every other information chat, in xat Noticias we have a list of rules that need to be obey by the users that came everyday, including our staff. Obey these rules in the chat room will allow other users to be in a lovely and very conformable place. WARNING: Users that do not obey this rules, can be banned, and if the user is constantly braking the rules, it can be banned forever.
Spanish is the only language allowed
Greetings and song lyrics in others language are allowed, but you have to know that the official chat language is spanish. If a user don’t know Spanish, but wants to communicate with other users, they’ll have to use the xat translator.
Information must be real
In this chat you’ll have the latest updates of in Spanish. If a user is giving people false information or trying to troll, he can be banned. If the user comes in the xat just to troll people in purpose, the xat Moderators and Owners can ban him at it’s own judgment.
Do not share content not appropriate or outside of
The xat of Noticias doesn’t allow any other page outside, therefore, is not allowed to send links in the xat room (publicity, download links, or any other page that can be dangerous to users in In the case that someone sent a shorten link (, adfly, adfocus, etc…) it would be a directly ban. The only ones allowed to send a shorten link, is the team. The only ones allowed to share short links are the ones who are part of external resources.
The use of smilies/gifs with references to drugs or sex is not allowed
The use of smilies/gifs with references to drugs or sex is not allowed. Discussions or other forms of talks about those subjects are not allowed in any form or shape.
The trade of powers isn't allowed, with a few exceptions
Trading powers is allowed only of test powers, meaning that only there’s the ID of the power and the trade of days in the case that you don’t have any. The rest of trade (xats, days, powers, radios, etc…) are not allowed. You can go to trade xat. 
Be respectful and do not harass or discriminate
We do not permit harassment, discriminatory remarks, or derogatory slang terms. Do not say anything that may offend someone, including, but not limited to, flaming a person, group, or chat. Very specifically, we do not allow homophobia, for example. For non-severe offenses, such as saying “you suck” or “shut up,” a warning will be given, whereas saying highly offensive words or committing more severe offenses would get you immediately banned.
Be respectful to owners/moderators
You need to be respectful to the xat staff and do not ignore their warnings.
Do not impersonate other users
It’s forbidden the impersonation of any staff o volunteers.
Do not disrupt the operations of the chat
Behaving in a manner that disrupts the operations of the chat may result in a ban. We do not accept talks about politics or any discussion in the xat.
All visitors must use a name of reasonable length or size
Visitors are required to use a name of reasonable length or size. Using a visible smiley as a name is acceptable. Moderators have the ability to use their own discretion when determining if a name is appropriate. Generally, using even a letter is fine.
Flood isn't allowed
FLOOD/SPAM are not allowed in the chat. Example: HELLOOOOOOOOOO, 6 smilies on one line or 5 messages in a row.
Spam isn't allowed
The spam of other websites or unofficial chats. (For more information, go to Chats Oficiales/Tributos)
Selling identification numbers (ID) is not allowed
Buying or selling identification numbers is not allowed in name, status, main chat, private chat or in private message. Selling xats, powers, or days for off-site currency is prohibited in status, unless noted otherwise. Buying or selling any other product or service is prohibited.
Smilies test is allowed, with a few exceptions
Smilies test is allowed but you can’t do flood or cause any type of spam/flood in the chat room. Also with the games (snakeban, mazeban, spaceban, etc…)
Do not abuse of the power Size
Do not use the Size power above level w7 or w77. Names and profile pictures with smilies can exceed this limit to a reasonable extent, but can not overlap text or names. The use of Size and Big (combined) above size level w6 or w66 is not allowed.
The use of caps is allowed, it a few exceptions
Caps are allowed, but you cannot to it on purpose. (Do not use them to flood the chat). You can only use 5 letter max in caps.
Do not beg
DO NOT BEG FOR XATS, DAYS OR POWERS. Beging for Rank isn’t allowed either, they must be earned. If you want to be a part of our team, you can go to Ienter to staff
Hoping that you enjoy the staying at our chat. If you obey these rules, the chat would be peacefully and will allow everyone to work in the best way possible. Thank you.